Wealth Management

A savings plan to reach an accumulation goal has four distinct, yet interrelated, factors, each of which contributes to the success or failure of the plan.

Contribution amount: How much is being saved? Should more or less be put aside? Is inflation being considered in future contribution amounts?

Rate of return: How much is being earned in interest, dividends or capital growth? Can a higher return be earned, without greater risk? How is the growth taxed?

Time frame: How much time remains to reach the goal? Can the time frame be shortened or should it be extended? Compound interest will have its greatest impact in later years. Adding a year or two (or more) can be a tremendous help.

Amount of the goal: Can the goal amount be adjusted? How much is really needed? Sometimes the most difficult factor to adjust is the goal amount, due to an emotional attachment.

At VIP Planners, we will develop a plan with you and for you that will maintain and increase your wealth based on your individual financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk. We will adjust your portfolio to current market conditions as opportunities are presented and we consider short and long-term tax and estate consequences.